We Just Gave Our Employees 1 Million Dollars to Spend on Shopify Stores

Shopify 1 Million Dollars

On my left wrist, Biko bangles jingle as I type. I’m tapping my toes in my Freda Salvador oxfords and my trusty steed (a Pure Fix single-speed) is parked at my side. I dare you to spend a week in my job and not drop some coin on Shopify stores. I'll save you the trouble: it’s impossible. Every day my team curates a steady social stream of some of the best products sold by Shopify stores everywhere. Sometimes it’s not enough to simply tweet about them – I frequently find myself lurking in the checkout.

And I’m not alone.

As a company, we make personal connections with amazing merchants every day and it’s easy for us to get passionate about the products behind the people. A quick scan of the room reveals: three Pintrill emoji pins, a Buy Me Brunch tee, two State Backpacks and a “BOSS” mug by BTL Shoppe. What can we say? We’re crushing hard on our merchants.

Shopify Picks

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While we’re hitting “add to cart” a little more often these days, we wondered: what if all of our holiday gifting dollars were spent solely on Shopify stores? And, what if we gave every Shopify employee a $1000 holiday bonus to do just that? Simple math. Our workforce of ~1000 would collectively inject over a million dollars back into the Shopify community.

We are now unleashed on the world, Shopify bucks in hand, descending upon over 200,000 merchants selling online, in store, and even at local pop-up holiday markets. Should we throw our money in your direction? Tweet or Instagram your new arrivals, bestsellers, and sweet holiday deals using #shopifypicks, or add them to the comments below! As most of our team is in Canada, be sure that your shop offers shipping to the great white north.

Shopify Picks

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BONUS: let’s keep it in the family, shall we? If each Shopify merchant made a $5 purchase at a fellow Shopify merchant’s store, another million would be spent helping small businesses in our merchant network! Get shopping: browse our Pinterest boards for inspiration. 

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