Angry Birds Online Store Sells Over 2 Million Plush Toys

Rovio Angry Birds Shopify Plush Toy Online Store A Huge Success

It’s no secret that Angry Birds is one of Shopify’s most successful stores. Angry Birds has swiftly flown into pop culture by means of an obsessively addictive game of ticked-off birds catapulting themselves into green pigs.

The game has been downloaded more than 50 million times and is the #1 selling iPhone app of all time. To say these feathery animals are successful would be an understatement. A recent article by cnet reports that Angry Birds owner Rovio has sold more than 2 million plush toys. Also of interest, more and more people are making in-app purchases.

Angry Birds approached Shopify at the end of October 2010 asking for an online store to sell their (still being sewn together) plush toys. The catch? They needed the store to be fully designed and operational before Christmas shopping began. That gave us about 3 days and change to put it all together. No big deal….

Rovio Angry Birds Shopify Plush Toy Online Store A Huge Success

We assigned one of our top designers, Mark Dunkley (@markdunkley), who with steps of urgency jogged to a local Italian grocery store to buy pasta, tomato sauce and bottled water. He went home and worked around the clock, 48 hours straight, to get the Angry Birds store up and running. He denies drinking Red Bull, but we suspect otherwise. From day one, the Shopify Angry Birds Store has been a massive success.