Rhymes, Movie Trailers, and Mascots: The Weirdest Things We Bought For Our Business on fiverr

Rhymes, Movie Trailers, and Mascots: The Weirdest Things We Bought For Our Business on fiverr

When it comes to starting a business, entrepreneurs need to wear a lot of hats - writer, designer, and marketer just to name a few. But as it turns out, fast, affordable help isn't all that hard to find.

On fiverr, new business owners can hire freelancers to write product descriptions, design ads, and even put together a promotional video about their business — all for five bucks a job. 

But that's just the beginning. With thousands of freelancers using the service, you can commission anything from custom rap songs to movie trailers. To give entrepreneurs a small taste of what fiverr has to offer, we did a little shopping and recorded our findings for you below.

In this TGIM short, you'll...

  • Find out why fiverr is a great resource for business owners on a budget
  • Discover what helpful business services you can buy for only five dollars
  • Learn where you can find more great buys on fiverr

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Speaker 1: "As entrepreneurs, it always seems like there's something you need a bit of help with. We don't all have Richard Branson sized budgets. If your budget is more like 5 bucks, then the online service fiverr might just be your thing. It allows freelancers from almost any field you can imagine to offer their services for 5 bucks a project. So what exactly does $5 get you? That's what the team at Shopify was wondering, so they took a wad of fives and went shopping. Some of what they found was pretty practical. You can get a logo or a blog post, or media list, but then they wondered what kind of strange things you might be able to buy. Well, someone designed them Shopee, a Shopify mascot. Then they came across a guy who was offering to record a movie trailer."

Speaker 2: "It was the year 2004, and the e-commerce industry was in its infancy. There was a man. A young man. Tobias Lütke. He wanted to sell snowboards on the internet. But there was a problem. The e-commerce software available was horrendous. He knew there had to be a better way. And so he created Shopify. Coming soon to a computer near you."

Speaker 1: "That's pretty good for 5 bucks, and hard to top, until you hear the 5 dollar Shopify rap."

Speaker 2: "Biggie ... rap is dope, oh my rapping bout Shopify, your one stop shop to open up shop. Easy to set up, hard, no it's not. Create your beautiful designs, so great. E-commerce store, don't hate. Choose from over 100 templates. No wait. Or if you desire, you can design your own, sticking to your own ideas, prior. Most of all, get paid. I know that sound sound great. Start selling up, live a dream. Leave the rest to us. Ah uh. Don't intervene, yeah."

Speaker 1: "See what else the Shopify gang found on fiverr on the Shopify blog. We've got a link in the show notes. Just go to shopify.com/tgim. If you're starting out on your own in business, you probably wished for the advice and expertise of someone who's had the experiences that you're just about to go through. Many entrepreneurs believe mentors are a key to their success. You know, someone with more experience in business who can answer questions and expand your network, help guide you through the tough times of transition and weigh in on some big decisions. It sounds ideal, right? Before you go out and get yourself a mentor, there's some important advice to keep in mind."


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