10 New Shopify Apps to Increase Sales and Supercharge Your Online Store


We take a lot pride in giving our merchants all the tools and insights they need to succeed. As a platform, we're always working with third-party developers and services to help you integrate the latest and greatest functionality into your store as the need arises for you.

If you haven't already had a look yet, the Shopify App Store is a continuously growing collection of plugins (apps) that extend the functionality of your ecommerce store. We've now got more than 500 apps, double that of last year, for online store owners to choose from and we're always adding new ones every week.

But for now, here are 10 brand new apps to check out, so go ahead and have a peek: 

Social Login

Social Login Free-$99.00/month

Social Login lets your users register and login to your Shopify store using their existing social media accounts which includes Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. This gives you access to permission-based, first-party social data to get you on the right path of building meaning relationships with individuals interested in your store.

Custom Orders

Custom Orders $19.99/month

The Custom Order app allows you to create and modify products on the fly when you enter orders. It also lets you manage your orders with unlimited custom statuses that automatically update your customers.


Printful Free

Looking to print your designs on t-shirts, posters, or canvas? Printful has got you covered. This app enables you to outsource your printing and shipping, making it easy for you to focus on marketing and growing your store.


Concierge Free

Concierge makes it easy to manage subscribers, create emails, and decide what's the best content to deliver to your customer's inboxes. In essence, it'll send product emails to your customer without giving you the hassle of figuring out the details.


Scope $49.00

If you've ever wanted your customers to be able to see the finer details and workmanship of your products then Scope is the app for you. It's a powerful product viewer that comes packed with three distinct ways to showcase your high-resolution images.

Gleam Competitions

Gleam Competitions Free - $39.00/month

Gleam is an online competitions platform to help you engage with your online community. Whether you're looking to grow your newsletter signups or get more social followers, there's nothing like competitions to tap into your visitors natural instinct to win.


ViralSweep Free - $49.00/month

Ever wanted to run a sweepstakes directly on Shopify? Well this app will let you do just that. Accomplish your goals to grow that email list, followers, and most importantly sales with this easy-to-use app.


Recommendify Free - $49.95/month

Recommendify takes in all your product data to distill similarities between products, it'll then serve similar products pertaining to whichever product page a visitor is on. Need we say more?

S Loyalty: Fan Builder

S Loyalty: Fan Builder $9.99- $59.99/month

In the world of ecommerce, Fan Builder lets you build the perfect win-win. Visitors engage with via your social profiles and email and in return they receive a product discount when they buy a product. 

Catalog Machine

Catalog Machine Free- $29.00/month

Catalog Machine lets you build online and pdf catalogs consisting of any or all your Shopify products. Create both catalogs and brochures as needed and easily custom edit your designs.

Hopefully, you get a chance to check out the nifty apps listed above and use them to work your ecommerce magic as you start out on another year full of goals, dreams, and ambitions. Good luck!