Important Product Updates for Shopify Developers

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In this edition of our monthly product newsletter for Shopify Developers, you’ll find the most important updates you need to know to continue your work with your app users. 

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Developer updates

Learn more about all the platform updates from Shopify for developers.

Partner Town Hall: 2021 Kickoff

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Shopify Partner Town Hall is back on Tuesday, February 2 at 12 pm EDT and Wednesday, February 3 at 12 pm AEDT/2 pm NZDT. In this edition, we’ll learn more about what’s new at Shopify this year. 

Join us virtually to get timely product knowledge and practical advice on how to better support merchants. Register below!

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New Partner API

With the new Partner API, you can programmatically access data, such as app events and earnings, that was previously only available through the Partner Dashboard. This allows you to download this information to your respective reporting and analytics systems and make your business operations more efficient. 

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More granular permissions for the Partner Dashboard

Two new staff permissions have been added to the Partner Dashboard, giving you more granular control over what your organization’s staff members can access.

  • View referrals grants access to the Referrals page.
  • Manage affiliate campaigns grants access to the Affiliate tools page, and affiliate tools on the Referrals page. Staff members with this permission can also manage affiliate campaigns. This permission is available only to organizations that are part of the Shopify Affiliate Program.

Access to these features was previously controlled by the Manage shops permission. Staff members in your organization who have the Manage shops permission are granted View referrals as part of this update. If you are part of the Shopify Affiliate Program, then staff members who have the Manage shops permission are also granted the Manage affiliate campaigns permission as part of this update.

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Polaris v6.0.0, style guide, and Figma UI kit

Polaris v6.0.0 is shipping, making the new design language the default. The updates in v6.0.0 include a reduced bundle size, accessibility fixes, and an updated style guide. 

In addition, a new Figma UI kit is now available based on the updated Polaris guidelines. This kit offers more flexibility and speed in a cross-platform browser-based design tool. Previously, the UI kit was available in Sketch. 

Specific changes include:

  • Refreshed visual styles. A clean, simple style makes things feel approachable and efficient.
  • Variants added to improve usability and add functionality to most components.
  • Large- and small-screen components listed as respective variants of the same component.
  • Auto layout added to simple components.
  • Rebuilt, better quality components .
  • New color system.

With these tools, you can work directly in Polaris v6.0.0, streamlining your design process with the new style guide and UI kit, and speeding up your development process. 

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