Activation: Turns Followers into Subscribers

Activation: Turns Followers into Subscribers

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Email marketing is an invaluable marketing tool that creates a personalized path towards a sale. It’s also a helpful tool to understand your customer’s journey and interactions with you. On Instagram, you can’t tell if a follower has been with you for three years or three minutes. With email marketing you can see in your analytics every interaction your potential customer has with your content.

Here’s an overview of the key aspects of activation:

  • When a customer subscribes to your email list it’s a key indicator that they’re activated
  • You can encourage customers to subscribe to your email list with a content upgrade.
  • Examples of content upgrades include: a PDF, an email series, an audio/video recording, access to an exclusive webinar/event
  • To ensure you’re getting as many people to sign up as possible, consider building a specific landing page on your store designed for people coming from Instagram. You can build this page inside your Shopify store and share a PDF as a free digital product.


  • A helpful tool to create content upgrades (they have a $0 ‘free forever plan’ and advanced plans are $49 and $99 USD/month)
  • JustUno: A website conversion tool that you can use to grow your business. It is specifically helpful for email upgrades on Instagram. JustUno is free to start (and it remains free when you have up to 5K visitors to your site per month).
  • Sell on Instagram*: Grow your sales with shopping on Instagram. You’ll learn more about this in the next lesson!
  • Klaviyo is a popular option for email marketing for ecommerce.


  • At SkinnyMe Tea, the team created a free 14-day booty challenge and promoted it across multiple Instagram accounts — the team received 8,000 new emails in the first 24 hours of promoting this. These are exceptional results, though remember the key here is providing real value to the customer.


* Note that throughout the course the term “Shoppable Posts” is used, which is the same feature as “Selling on Instagram.”

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