Are These 6 Habits Making You Miserable?

Are These 6 Habits Making You Miserable?

There are some habits in life people develop that fail to translate into anything positive. The art of the first impression is what gives many of these habits the power to take over your life. Luckily, most of the battle is noticing they exist in you in the first place. 

The following habits are habits that may sound good, but they will ruin your life if you allow them to take hold. Here’s what they are and how to break them.

1. Immunity to Amazement

Amazing things happen in the world every day. Positivity matters, so immunity to amazement is a bad thing because it can make us pessimistic and cynical. Technology is responsible for this because we are constantly assaulted by visual sensations. It makes the real world mundane. 

Defeating this is a matter of turning off the Internet, turning off the TV, and going outside. Change your state of mind and learn to focus on the smaller things. True awe reasserts that you’re not the center of the universe, and that’s the good thing. 

2. Isolation

When you’re unhappy, you’re likely to seek refuge away from other people. A lot of scientists have revealed this only compounds the issues. Socializing is great for your mood, even if you don’t think you’re going to enjoy it.

Every human needs a time to self-reflect alone sometimes, but don’t let isolation become an unhealthy habit. Unhappiness is what makes you antisocial, so you have to force yourself out of your comfort zone. 

3. Blaming Others

Everyone wants to believe they completely control their lives. Blaming others is what people like to do when something goes wrong. They think it’s going to make them feel better. The problem is blaming others doesn’t match up with living a happy life.

Blaming is a declaration that you don’t have any control over your life. This is only going to put you in a bad mood, and it prevents you from growing. 

Be honest with yourself when something goes wrong. Look in the mirror and don’t be afraid to admit you’ve done something wrong. 

4. The Urge to Control

The happiest people in the world are those who are in control of their lives. There’s a difference between being in control of your life and becoming controlling, though. Seek to control your own life not the lives of others. You will only damage your relationships with others and close doors that would otherwise allow you to become a better person and gain more.

Stop this bad habit by focusing only on your own actions. Realize you’re unable to control what others do without it blowing up in your face. People don’t like controlling people.

5. Criticizing and Complaining

One of the easiest ways to beat stress is through avoiding giving out unwanted criticism and complaining all the time. It may be a short-term option if something has happened and you need to vent. But this can easily turn into a form of bullying. There’s no easier way to discredit your social reputation than through constantly making people feel bad about themselves. 

For most people, this is not a sociopathic tendency. It’s a bad habit that never makes us feel good in the long-term. Get into the habit of biting your tongue and acknowledging that people have to account for their own mistakes and failures. It isn’t your duty.

6. Seeking to Impress

People may like the clothes you’re wearing and the fancy car you bought, but that has no bearing on how people think about you. Impressing others is a form of unhappiness. Social media has demonstrated this because those who spend the most time on it tend to be the unhappiest. They have a 2.7 times higher chance of experiencing depression. And it’s because they’re trying to impress their friends and followers.

Chasing things because you think they’re going to impress people is going to make you unhappy. When you achieve what you want to achieve, you’ll realize people don’t like you any more than they did before.

On the contrary, those who become obsessed with impressing tend to be the least liked of all. Focus on how you can give back to the world and how you can help others.

Conclusion – Breaking These Bad Habits

Breaking these bad habits will enable you to live a happier and healthier life. The fact is people are not in control of their lives when they adopt these bad habits. Get rid of them and watch how your life changes for the better.

How will you break your bad habits today?

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