7 Simple Apps to Optimize Your Sleep

7 Simple Apps to Optimize Your Sleep

I didn’t get enough sleep last night, and I think I speak for most Millennials (and probably most humans) when I say that I underestimate the power of a good night's sleep. As a species, we seem to identify the minimum hours we need to function, before plugging the gaps with caffeine.

For an entrepreneur, that’s risky.

A lack of quantity and quality in sleep will negatively impact your performance in the day to come. So let’s not beat around the bush here – if you didn’t sleep well, both you and your business are going to have a bad day. And that’s a problem.

To make those bad days a rarity, here are six apps to help you get more sleep, and to optimize the sleep you’re already getting.

1. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is quite probably the most renowned sleep app in the world.

You simply open the app, keep your device on your mattress, and let it track your sleep. It serves up easy-to-read graphs to show you what your sleep patterns look like, and has a built-in alarm and snooze function that’s designed to wake you up at the optimum time – so you don’t feel groggy.

Download: iOS, Android

2. Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius helps you fall asleep using techniques they developed with NASA to help Astronauts snooze in space. That involves a unique blend of white noise, pink noise, and a bunch of other technical stuff.

Plus, in the morning, Sleep Genius employs a very gentle alarm to bring you out of your slumber with some mercy.

Download: iOS, Android

3. Relax Sounds

Noise may sound like a hinderance to sleep, but that’s because you’re listening to the wrong noises.

Relax Sounds is an iOS app that serves up natural noise from beaches, forests, creeks, and rainy settings to sooth your brain into a much needed sleep.

Download: iOS

4. Sleep Bot

A rival to Sleep Cycle, Sleep Bot sleeps under your pillow along with you, tracking all sorts of sleep related activity.

It gives you data in the form of detailed tables that break down your sleep history by date, sleep time, wake time, hours of sleep, sleep debt accrued, and so forth.

Download: iOS, Android

5. Awoken

Lucid dreaming is a common phenomenon where the sleeper experiences dreams consciously. It’s like being awake inside your dream. Many lucid dreamers find it to be a scary experience, whereas other relish it.

Awoken is a free Android app that helps lucid dreamers achieve more control over their dreams so they can embrace the positives that can come from lucid dreaming.

It sounds pre-configured audio as “reality checks” for dreamers who are confused about their state of consciousness, and also boasts a dream log to help keep track of dreams.

Download: Android

6. MotionX 24/7

Do you snore? MotionX-24/7 is an iOS app that records audio clips triggered by noises like snoring at any time of the night. This can be useful if you’re testing out techniques to stop you from snoring.

In addition, you can set the app to wake you up at the optimal time in a sleep cycle, which is when your body is most active. The app also gives you an overview of your light sleep, deep sleep and total sleep times.

Download: iOS

7. Sleep Better

Sleep Better is an iOS app that offers the same functionality as Sleep Cycle and Sleep Bot, but with an interface that feels very different.

Also, Sleep Better shows you how things like exercise, caffeine, and stress are changing the way you sleep. Plus, it has a dream journal built in so you can keep track of your brain’s musings.

Download: iOS

Take Sleep Seriously

More than a third of Americans don’t get enough sleep, and that will undoubtedly include a great number of entrepreneurs. With the help of these sleep optimizing apps, you can harness the power of sleep to give yourself an edge over your drowsy competitors.

To complement the apps listed above, you should also try some of our tips on how to get the best sleep of your life.

Do you know of any other apps that help you sleep? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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Kaya Ismail is a wordsmith and founder of Employ the Internet. He is a seasoned content marketer with a love for video games and coffee.

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