6 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

6 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

As you walk through your office, you may notice an excessive amount of eye-rolling from your employees as you walk past. Unhappy employees can lead to a toxic work environment. This lowers productivity over time significantly.

High turnover rates, decreased collaborations and minimal performance levels are common side effects of low employee morale. If you want to help decrease the employees disgruntle attitudes, use these six proven ways to boost employee morale.

1. Get Opinions for Company Outings

Is your company putting HR in charge of company outings? This could be a potentially morale-decreasing experience for many employees. HR teams don’t really know what the employees would want to do – and the outing is mainly for them. Collaborate with your employees and allow them to put in anonymous nominations for great outings. The more involved you allow your employees to be in your company, the higher the levels of morale.

2. Let Go of Bad Attitudes

People who walk around, condescendingly and intimidatingly, with rude behavior need to be let go. Your employees don’t want to work with people with bad attitudes. Even worse, it’s shown that people are more prone to being negative in the work environment when others around them have bad attitudes.

This is one of the easiest ways you can boost your employee’s morale. Weed out the people who have the worse attitudes, constantly participate in office gossip, and intimidate others around them. These are unnecessary people to your company.

3. Always Ask Your Employees to Give You Honest Feedback

Allowing for opinions means there is an open work environment for everyone to participate and feel comfortable. Many companies send out a survey to ask for their employees’ opinion on their work environment and what they can do to better help them be happier at work. Even Google features a feedback survey for their employees and they take it seriously to implement the suggestions.

Sure, while you won’t be able to implement every suggestion you get for your business, if employees see you try hard, they will be more motivated in their work. Never underestimate the power of opinions in the workforce.

4. Implement Promotions that Are Transparent and Beneficial

For employees that have been with your company for an extended period, you want to reward these employees. By implementing transparent and beneficial promotions, you can boost the overall employee morale. These days, 40-percent of all millennials expect to be given a promotion every year or two within a company. These are the employees that are entering the workforce today, so it’s important to cater to the needs of the generation.

5. Add Incentives like Vacation Days, Sponsored Programs, and Bonuses

This is something that is missed by certain small startups. Empower your employees and show them why your company is so wonderful to work for versus the competition out there. Statistics show that millennials are more prone to leaving a job if they find a similar job with better benefits. Implementing these incentives will add to the overall morale.

Promote yourself as a “Life and Work Balance” company. Statistics show that 78-percent of employees spend more time with co-workers then with family. This can lower morale in the workforce. Implementing incentives for their time and adding vacation days will help to promote a healthy family-work balance.

Even offering incentives like paid off days for birthdays can help with boosting morale. Any little incentive you can think of (and afford) should be invested into your company. You want your employees to be happy, engaged, and on top of their game. Producing these benefits will give them security within their job and help them feel dedicated and motivated to succeed.

6. Recognition for Hard Work and Achieving Milestones

It’s important to recognize the success of all your employees. Delegating tasks to managers to help with rewarding the best, most productive employees can help with increasing productivity and sales. If your employees reach a certain number in sales, consider giving them a bonus to let them know they did a great job. Reward employees with achievements and plaques that show off their abilities and credentials.

When employees get recognized for hard work, they will persevere even more to impress you again, topping off their previous success. This means you have a happier employee with a boosted morale.

Increasing Employee Morale is Proven to Increase Success

Many businesses depend solely on their employees to execute, manage, and operate their company. It’s important to keep your employee’s morale boosted to increase the productivity in the work field. When your employees feel empowered and are recognized for their achievements, they will strive to succeed more.

This is why many companies are investing in ways to increase their employee morale. The acknowledgment of the employees being a part of the success of a company has grown with the upcoming millennials joining the workforce. Use these tips to help build these millennials’ morale to thrive as a business.

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