Ever Wonder What Famous People Did for Work Before Making It Big? Read This

Ever Wonder What Famous People Did for Work Before Making It Big? Read This

Famous people weren’t always famous. Some of them were average people just like you. Many of the celebrities you see today came from humble backgrounds. For some of them, these were eye-opening experiences that helped them to reconcile themselves with their place in the world. Others just never expected to leave those jobs.

The following celebrities are just some of the famous people who had to grind and build like everyone else before they made it big.

President Obama – Ice Cream Seller

It’s hard to believe that the current president of the United States worked an unglamorous job as an ice cream seller at Baskin-Robbins, but that’s exactly what he did. For the whole summer he just scooped ice cream. He credits it not for his future career but for what it did for his jump shot in basketball. 

President Obama later wrote that his first job mattered because it taught him about the world of work and that these low ladder jobs can be harder than they look. Now President Obama looks back on his former job with fondness.

Mariah Carey – Hat Checker

Mariah Carey is like a lot of rising celebrities in that she worked a lot of jobs before she made it big. One of her stranger jobs involved her being a hat checker. She said that she didn’t manage to stay in this job, or any job, long before getting fired.

Carey was one celebrity who always wanted to get where she was today, which is why she only worked these jobs purely for the money. Most of her jobs fired her for a lack of concentration due to the fact that she was spending all her time working on becoming a singer and mixing demo tapes. 

Gerard Butler – Civil Lawyer 

Sometimes failure can turn into great success. Gerard Butler may never have become the mega star that he is today if it wasn’t for his failure as a lawyer. 

He started out working as a trainee civil lawyer. Like every other legal position, you get the job based on the assumption that you are going to pass the exams and become fully qualified. Butler was unable to pass the exams and was subsequently fired. He never tried to become a success in the legal profession again.

Kayne West – The GAP

The GAP is not exactly befitting the lifestyle of someone like Kayne West. A man who spends huge amounts of money on creating his own clothing line surely didn’t work at the GAP during his youth? And yet that’s exactly what happened.

The rapper most certainly isn’t ashamed of it because he references it in the song The College Dropout. The lyrics do make references to stealing. Although West acknowledges he used to work there, he didn’t reveal whether the stealing part was based on a true story or not. 

Conclusion – Humble Beginnings 

It’s important to mention that these celebrities weren’t necessarily following a path of rags to riches. Some of them were, but men like President Obama were gifted in the sense that they had great grades to go along with their humble beginnings. Others came from broken backgrounds, whereas others were from stable families.

The goal behind displaying such a diverse cross-section of big names is to demonstrate that it doesn’t matter where you come from. Unemployment is down 4.7% so you have every chance of success!

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