5 Vital Etiquettes of Working From a Coffee Shop

5 Vital Etiquettes of Working From a Coffee Shop

There’s something soothing about lifting the lid of your laptop in the heart of your local coffee spot.

It’s the ultimate blend of casual and professional – and it’s almost impossible to replicate it elsewhere.

But coffee shops aren’t there to be used and abused. They’re owned by business people who want to turn a profit, and they’re frequented by a community that wants to enjoy a coffee in peace.

Thus, if you plan on getting some work done as you sip on an expertly caffeinated brew, you’ll need to adhere to some rules to ensure that the owner is appeased, and your fellow coffee lovers are undisturbed.

To help you successfully navigate your days working from coffee shops, here are five etiquettes to always bear in mind.

1. Buy Regularly

If you want to drive your local coffee shop owner nuts, just soak up their free wifi for hours on end while surviving off the solitary Espresso you purchased when you first walked in. Seriously, they’ll hate you.

On the flip side, to keep them content with your lingering presence, be sure to buy drinks, snacks, and even meals throughout your stay. A purchase once every two hours should do the trick.

2. Show Digital Support

Showing your support by buying coffee is one thing, but there are other ways of getting in the owner’s good books.

If your coffee shop has a website, Twitter handle, or Facebook page, be sure to show your support on those platforms.

If you follow them and leave positive reviews where you can to help boost the image of their brand, they’ll love you for it. Who knows, you might even earn yourself a free coffee.

3. Come Fully Charged

By all means, bring your laptop charger in case of an emergency, but in an ideal situation, you don’t want to be plugging your electronics into your coffee shop’s wall.

If you do, you’ll be soaking up their free wifi and their free electricity. Talk about needy.

To save face, and to avoid awkward stares from the owner, arrive with a fully charged battery.

4. Keep Your Calls Quiet

Email and instant messaging platforms handle most of our business communications – but there’s always that one client that wants to call you.

To ensure that you don’t disrupt the casual atmosphere of your local coffee spot, be sure to take those calls quietly – or better yet, step outside of the establishment before you answer your phone.

5. Be Social

If you’re going to make a habit out of working from a coffee shop, do everybody a favour and bring some personality with you.

Greet the owner, make friends with the baristas, and don’t even think about being rude.

Furthermore, it’s likely that you won’t be the only regular in the house. Get to know other customers who regularly stop by – and if they work from the coffee shop too, it may be a golden opportunity to do some networking.

Coffee to Stay

So long as you adhere to the etiquettes laid out above, most coffee shop owners won’t mind you turning their café into an office.

In fact, they may even prefer that you’re always around, because thanks to you; their establishment never looks empty.

Do you live by any other rules when it comes to working from coffee shops? Share them with us in the comments section below!

About the Author

Kaya Ismail is a wordsmith and founder of Employ the Internet. He is a seasoned content marketer with a love for video games and coffee.

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