15 Careers You Can Start Online

15 Careers You Can Start Online

Growing up I remember how uncommon it was for people to work from home. As technology advanced, however, the work-from-home opportunities began to grow. Unfortunately, most of these were either scams, paid slave labor wages,  or were just ways to make money on the side.

Today, though, people can actually start and maintain their careers online. Here are 15 of those careers.

1. Virtual Assistant

With more and more companies operating from a remote location, there’s a growing need for virtual assistants. As a virtual assistant you’ll be responsible for tasks ranging from answering phones, screening emails, scheduling appointments, and handling customer service.

The hourly rate, according to Payscale, is between $10.24 - $30.46.

2. Search Engine Evaluation

This is a lesser known, but legit, online career where you’re paid to run searches for specific products and report your findings to search engine evaluators. The purpose behind this career is that it allows companies to find out how their website’s search function is working.

Search engine evaluators can earn between $10 - $14 per hour. You can find job opportunities through companies like Leapforce.

3. Online reseller/Affiliate marketer/Drop shopping

I’ve decided to lump these careers together since they are often similar in what tasks are expected for the job.

  • Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products or services or site. Whenever a visitor clicks the unique link that you’ve provided and makes a purchase, you get a commission.
  • Reselling is where you also sell someone else’s products online. However, you keep 10% of the profits after making purchasing the resale rights.
  • Dropshipping is another way to sell someone else's products online. For example, you can sell items on Amazon or eBay and the company will then handle the shipping. You can also sell products on your own site by teaming up with a smaller site.

4 .Graphic Designer/Web Developer

If you know how to write code then you can enter the graphic design/web development market. It’s a booming industry as companies are looking for talented individuals to create or update their websites, like making them mobile friendly.

Payscale reports that graphic designers can make between $29,867 - $59,211, while web developers can expect a salary of $33,449 - $85,887.

5. Freelance writer

Freelancing has become the norm for around 53 million Americans. And, thanks the number of freelance marketplaces, it’s easier than ever to find work. Freelance writing in particular has become a popular career option a clients are looking for blog posts, journalistic articles, and other digital content.

Most freelance writers charge by the hour, which could be $11.79 - $67.92. Gigs can be found on freelance marketplaces if you’re just starting out.

6. Translator

If you’re fluent in another language then you could translate all kinds of different documents. Sometimes you may be required to leave your home and translate in-person. Some translators are also asked to educate their clients on the culture, customs, and the history of the language that is being translated.

Translators can make a salary that’s between $24,210 - $83,489.

7. Transcriber

If you’re a fast typer, then a career as a transcriber could be perfect for you. Transcribers will transcribe or type-up everything from conversations, audio and video recordings, podcast episodes, and interviews for people to read.

Transcribers can make between $8.47 - $22.51 per hour.

8. Training, consultancy, and coaching

If you’re expert in a particular field and know what you are talking about, a client will gladly pay you for your services. In the past, consultants could have been expected to set-up shop in the client's office or workspace. However, tech advances now allow consultants to work remotely or even create their own membership site where people pay to learn these skills.

9. Social media influencer

Yes. A social media influencer is now an actual career. But, only if you have a large and dedicated following on social media. Basically, brands will pay you to plug their products on social media. In some rare instances, social media influencers can easily clear six figures for just one campaign!

10. Buy and sell websites/domains

If you have the coding skills to do this job as I mentioned earlier, you can purchase a domain, spice it up, add quality content, and then flip that website or domain (sell it). You could also purchase domain names that an interested party may want to purchase later.

I’ve had great success by using Flippa.

11. Teacher/Tutor

If you’re an educator and would prefer to work from home, or you can’t find a job in any nearby schools, then you can become an online instructor and earn a salary of around $46,000.

If you prefer not to work for these for-profit institutions, then you could start your own tutoring business where you can share your knowledge in a specific field.

12. Travel agent

While this profession is expected to decrease within the next decade, you would be surprised how many people find it challenging to plan a vacation, like booking flights or hotel rooms. You would also be surprised at how many people aren’t familiar with planning activities and preparing for travel, like securing travel insurance or knowing how heavy your suitcase is allowed to be.

Because of this specific lack of knowledge, people still hire travel agents to book their trips, and often will pay to have an itinerary planned for them. These agents can make on average $36,451 per year.

13. Sell your own products

One of the most lucrative ways to make money online is by selling your own products. This could be anything from software, apps, eBook, or handmade goods like clothing or jewelry. With sites like Etsy, this money-maker is easier than ever. However, if storage and shipping are a concern, then focus on digital goods.

14. Social media manager

There are plenty of brands out there who have backed themselves into a corner when it comes to social media. They have jumped on the social media bandwagon and have started to develop a strategy. The problem? They don’t have anyone to manage all of their accounts. That’s when they hire you, the person who manages these accounts, communicates with customers, and expands the brand’s reach online.

Social media managers can between $26,556 - $71,528.

15. Vlogger

If you’re charismatic and have an interesting story or concept to share, then you could make money from the ad-revenues you earn for your YouTube videos. People are actually making millions of dollars through YouTube videos. While I can’t guarantee that will happen to you, you can probably earn enough to pay your bills.

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