10 Places to Find Free Stock Images

10 Places to Find Free Stock Images

So you’ve finally finished writing that blog post you’ve been slaving over. What a relief.

But just before you click publish, you remember that content with relevant images get 94% more views than content without relevant images. Yikes.

And so a new struggle begins; to find an image that’s free, relevant, legal to use, and that doesn’t suck.

To make that struggle a breeze, here are ten awesome websites that provide free stock images.

1. Burst

Burst is our own free stock photography site for entrepreneurs. We created Burst to help small brands stand out by providing instant access to high-quality, royalty-free product photos. All images on Burst are available under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Under CC0, you can use and edit the photos however you want—no attribution required.

We've already uploaded more than 1,000 high-resolution images and we're adding hundreds of new photos every week.

2. Pixabay

This is a stock photo website that’s rapidly gaining popularity. Pixabay is regularly updated, and holds over 700,000 vectors and stock images, many of which are of high quality.

Pixabay also has free high definition videos that can be used to illustrate the message behind your content even further.

3. Death of Stock Images

Instead of serving up a library of images for you to sift through, Death to Stock Images lets you sign up for a newsletter which fires fresh stock images to your inbox every month.

It’s not the go-to place if you need a stock image right away, but it’s an interesting way to stock up on quality images over time.

4. LoremPixel

Need placeholder images for a mockup or website template? Look no further.

LoremPixel has a healthy range of stock images designed specifically for that purpose. You can even use their ‘Placeholder Generator’ to generate images based on size, category, and color.

5. Stock Up

With over 13,000 images, Stock Up doesn’t exactly have a huge library. But what it does have, is quality.

It sources images from a whole bunch of other free image directories – but it only sources the very best. In fact, I’m yet to find an image on Stock Up that doesn’t look appealing, so kudos to their team on that front.

6. 500px

500px isn’t free by default, but it has a creative commons section that includes images that are free to use in any fashion.

Some have non-commercial licenses attached though, so be vigilant. The upside? Lots of seriously stunning photos.

7. Wikipedia Commons

Wikipedia is more than just a source of communally sourced information. It’s also a source of communally sourced media.

The Wikipedia Commons page serves up thousands of images that are totally free to use, with plenty of categories to help you find what you’re looking for.

8. Pexels

Another website that has a large library with plenty of categories. I’ve always been impressed with the quality of the images Pexels has, so it’s well worth bookmarking.

Pexels also has a Photoshop plugin, which is handy for designers.

9. StockSnap

StockSnap is home to thousands of stock images, and the quality level is fairly high throughout.

It has a ‘Trending’ search function, which lets you see which images are enjoying surges in likes and downloads, as well as a ‘Views” search function, which helps you find the images with most views.

10. Unsplash

Unsplash is another source of seriously cool images.

It doesn’t have much of the traditional ‘man sitting at desk drinking coffee’ images, though. Instead, it serves up dramatic city skylines, stunning natural landscapes, and the occasional tech-related snap.


Stock Up

If you don’t have the right resources to hand, stock images can be the bane of your blogging life. But with the list above, you’re stock image hunting should be a piece of cake.

Do you use any other websites to find free stock images? Share them with us in the comments section below!

About the Author

Kaya Ismail is a wordsmith and founder of Employ the Internet. He is a seasoned content marketer with a love for video games and coffee.

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