15 Bragworthy Gift Ideas for the Entrepreneur in Your Life

Hands wrapping gift

These days, it feels like everyone is hard to shop for. Especially entrepreneurs. They know what they want, and they go after it. When they want a product, they buy it.

Fortunately, there are tons of awesome, untapped gifts out there. Gifts that are perfect for entrepreneurs. 

These bragworthy gift ideas promise to make the entrepreneurs in your life feel appreciated and help them grow—or start—their businesses.

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10X: The Entrepreneur's Journal

Successful entrepreneurs are always moving forward, but the really successful ones also take time to stop and reflect. Reflection works best as a habit which is why we created the 10X Journal. Entrepreneurs can use it daily to set objectives, reflect, and plan. Visit the Shopify Stockroom directly or pick up a copy using the buy button below.

Keychain Sized Charging Cable

A dead smartphone battery isn't the worst thing that can happen to busy entrepreneurs, but it's up there. Smartphones are the lifeblood of many businesses. At least it feels like it! Give the entrepreneurs in your life the Key and save them future days of panic and unproductivity. This compact charger lives on a keychain, waiting to spring into action. It can be connected to any USB port to both charge and tranfer files.

Bamboo Wood Stand

This bamboo wood stand serves multiple purposes. On a desk, it can be used to hold a a computer monitor. On a couch, it can be used to hold your laptop, keeping it off your actual lap where it might overheat. However it's used, the stylish design look great in any room while fulfilling a practical need for hustling entrepreneurs.

Design Love Planner

Regardless of it it comes naturally or not, entrepreneurs need to be organized. There's a neverending pile of tasks to complete, relationships to manage, and meetings not to miss. Help someone you care about stay on top of everything with the Design Love Planner. Not only does it have room for appointments, to-do lists, and budgeting, but with the motivational quotes and beautiful design, they'll actually look forward to using it.

Bolt Battery Backup and Wall Charger

If you use your phone a lot, as most entrepreneurs do, there comes a point when you realize you need a backup battery. For example, when you're simultanseously tweeting, replying to emails, and making sales all day at a trade show. The problem is, most backup batteries are cumbersome, and besides, who remembers to charge those things? Enter Bolt. Bolt is a charger and backup battery in one. Plug it in with your phone overnight and grab and go in the morning.

The Five-Minute Journal

We all struggle with focus and productivity from time to time. One proven way to stay on track is positivity. This is especially important for entrepreneurs who face many challenges while keeping multiple balls in the air. The Five Minute Journal is designed to help anyone be happier and more productive through focused, positive thinking. The best part is, it only takes five minutes a day.

Onyx Creative Night Cable

I've come to learn that you can never have enough cables. Basically, I have a charging cable in every room in my house, and another one at work. Sadly, none of them are as versatile or stylish as this Zebra Night Cable. It's called a night cable because it's long enough for you to plug in and still use in bed—but you can use it anywhere. The slick design can be tied up and manipulated without breaking at the most inconvenient time.

Girl Boss Mug

I know, it's not just entrepreneurs who drink coffee. But sometimes I think we drink more than the rest of the population. And everyone knows that drinking coffee is way more fun when you have a great mug. Send this boss mug to the lady entrepreneur in your life. No doubt, it's a gift she'll use over and over again.

Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation

Entrepreneurs often love beautiful design. That's one of the reasons they, and so many other people admire Apple. Their remarkable journey has shaped computing at home, at work, and on the go. Apple's thoughtful, iconic designs have created one of the most recognized brands in the world. The book Iconic, by Ridgewood Publishing, is a visual history of the Apple brand. It's perfect for an office coffee table!

Modify Watches Design Your Own

We may not need watches to tell time anymore, but they still make a great accessory. And once you start wearing one, you'll appreciate not having to flip on your phone. Modify Watches make great accessories because they're completely modular, meaning you can mix and match a variety of faces and straps. If you want to really personalize this gift, you can create a Custom Design with your entrepreneur's company logo on it.

jimmyCASE iPhone Wallet

It's no secret that entrepreneurs spend a lot of time on the move. From a coffee meeting with a potential partner, to a site visit to check on a manufacturer, to a brisk walk to stimulate fresh ideas, business owners need to be able to rush out the door at a moments notice. The jimmyCASE iPhone wallet makes it easy to keep everything important in one place—no matter where you're headed.

Table-Top Print Screening Kit

If the entrepreneur in your life is the creative type, they might be interested in screen printing their own products. While there are many companies you can outsource screen printing services to, doing it yourself at home comes with a few distinct advantages. You can offer individual designs or limited runs, and you have a quick and easy way to print prototypes before ordering larger batches. This table-top kit from the DIY Print Shop can be used to make t-shirts, posters, and more. 

Nourishing Protein Powder

On really busy days, it can be hard to find time to pick up lunch, which somtimes means turning to a chocolate bar or some other unhealthly snack. Welleco's Nourishing Protein is perfect for such occasions. Their Peruvian chocolate flavour can be shaken up with water or added to a smoothie for a quick and healthy meal replacement on the go.

Flamingo Art Print

It could be a corner office with a view, or it could be the corner of a living room couch, but every entrepreneur has a workspace. No matter how elegant or boring an office is, a nice piece of art is always a welcome edition. This Flamingo Art Print from Art of Melodious can be used to add some color and creativity to any work space!

Colored Sticker Note Dry Erase Decals

Who doesn't love colored sticker notes? They are the epotome of organization. Help your entrepreneur step up their brainstorming sessions with dry erase sticker notes they can reuse or update any time. These decals are so handy, you'll want to pick up a set for yourself too. 

Wether you're shopping for your business partner, your spouse, or a secret santa, you're sure to win at gift giving with one of the options above. And if you're an entrepreneur or not, you can still buy something for yourself!