7 Common Marketing Mistakes To Erase

7 Common Marketing Mistakes To Erase
7 Common Marketing Mistakes To Erase
If your ecommerce marketing campaigns aren't living up to your expectations, then you're probably doing something wrong. Too many entrepreneurs are making easy to erase mistakes. 

Here are 7 common marketing mistakes you need to avoid: 

1. Over Targeting

It's important to recognize your target market and focus your marketing strategies towards them. Find out where you're getting conversions and direct your energy to that audience. 

2. Lack of Focus

There are new marketing techniques emerging each day that clever business owners can take advantage of. While diving into these new portals is definitely worth looking into, it's  not necessarily beneficial to abandon or diminish your current methods to start over each time something new emerges. Stake your territory immediately so you own your business name as a username (now's a good time to think about Pinterest & Google +), but keep your efforts on the back-burner until you're sure the juice will be worth the squeeze.

3. Not Pulling Enough Data

Do you know which of your marketing efforts are converting customers? Can you track sales from Twitter, Facebook, Blog Posts, and LinkedIn? If you don’t utilize some sort of tracking system to confirm which methods work and which ones don’t, you're wasting time and money.

4. No Clear Call To Action

When you're putting together your marketing campaigns you want your potential clients to know what you’re selling and how to get it immediately. Without a clear call to action, your efforts are quickly wasted because the customers you catch in your net quickly swim away. 

5. Missing Free Marketing Opportunities

Today there are tons of low cost marketing platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) that should be taken advantage of. Putting some thoughtful effort into social media will likely cut costs and widen your exposure.

6. Giving Up Too Easy

It can take some time to know if your marketing angle is working. If you give up too fast you will never know if you were on the right track, so stick with it for a while and never stop pulling data and optimizing.

7. Not Knowing When To Pivot

Sometimes you need to recognize when a marketing strategy is simply not working. Maybe you have misread your target market, or maybe your campaign is out-dated and stale. Sometimes you need to know when enough is enough.


  • Robert Rawlins
    Robert Rawlins
    March 26 2012, 09:36AM

    Great post guys,

    One of the most forgotten marketing mistakes is poor customer service.

    From a design perspective we’ve worked with customers in the past helping them define a marketing strategy which isn’t backed with same confidence and competence in it’s customer service and delivery.

    You can invest all the money you like in advertising and marketing, however, if you don’t deliver and your company earns a bad reputation, it’s a hard stain to paint over.

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    March 26 2012, 09:48AM

    Robert: So true. Reputation is huge, and consumers are becoming more and more savvy. Review sites, comparison charts, and and word of mouth are all fuelled by reputation and often customer service is a huge part of it.

  • Shawn Graham
    Shawn Graham
    March 26 2012, 10:57AM

    Data should help drive your strategy but, at the same time, you also need to balance sifting through numbers with actually selling your products and creating new content.

    To Robert’s point, customer service is also a biggie. Attracting new customers takes a lot of time and money and that means you definitely don’t want to turn them away due to a lack of responsiveness or bad experience.

  • Jon
    March 26 2012, 09:41PM

    Hey Mark, you mentioned free marketing… could you direct me on that?

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison
    March 27 2012, 10:14AM

    Mark thanks for the information I will be sharing it with the staff here

  • Ramon
    December 25 2012, 11:03PM

    Mark, very good info resource, thanks!!

    We have the typical eCommerce problem: tons of Likes in facebook, not that many sales at our .com

    Since we are marketing jewelry (inexpensive imitation jewelry, really) we understand the thing customers miss is not being able to see and try on on our stuff. How can we overcome that?

    We’ve been even told to raise our prices so people will think we are a lot bigger and fancier than we really are!!??

  • google
    December 12 2014, 02:58AM
    we understand the thing customers miss is not being able to see and try on on our stuff. google

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