New Feature: Customer Accounts

New Feature: Customer Accounts

We are happy to announce that Customer Accounts is now available to all shops. This new feature allows your customers to create accounts on your storefront to save information and track orders.

New Feature: Customer Accounts

You can enable Customer Accounts in the Checkout & Payment preferences page. 

Once a customer completes their first order, they can enter a password to create an account. The account will prefill their address on subsequent orders, and allow easy tracking of order statuses.

To find out more, read about Customer Accounts on the wiki.



  • Joel Drapper
    Joel Drapper
    September 08 2011, 11:34AM

    So glad to see this feature! Nice job!

  • Mark
    September 08 2011, 12:33PM

    Finally! Thank you indeed! Can we adjust prices in customer accounts too? I want to be able to have some customers buy at wholesale prices without having to give them a coupon…

  • Tom Sailors
    Tom Sailors
    September 08 2011, 01:05PM

    Nice work!

  • diego
    September 08 2011, 02:17PM

    any plan on adding things like custom product data points? or allowing the creation of custom universal objects?

  • philippe
    September 08 2011, 02:42PM

    great job!
    can we have it in german too?
    best regards from berlin

  • Justin Winter
    Justin Winter
    September 08 2011, 03:22PM

    As soon as I saw the announcement I went to and enabled it for our storefront. My developer will be finished tweaking it with our logo and set up the customer login from our storefront option along with the customer pages being matched up with our existing stylesheet. customers are going to love being able to access past purchases!

    Would love to see a subscription option available for stores as well.

  • Justin Winter
    Justin Winter
    September 08 2011, 04:32PM

    Sorry to post twice but as we finished setting this up I realized that the only thing that is missing/would be a big add would be having social sign on capability so someone could just hook up their facebook or twitter account and then have pre-populated account info. Maybe Janrain might be a good partner to add to the app store that could allow shopify stores to be able to plugin to the resources and tools that Janrain has?

    If you are a store owner and would love to see social sign on functionality one way or another leave a comment below so our Shopify rockstars know it will be valuable to us!

  • Ben Francis
    Ben Francis
    September 08 2011, 04:40PM

    I’m confused, I’ve set this up (I think) but does this mean that the customer can create their own login area e.g. “Create an account” or do we still have to make them for them?

  • Mark Host
    Mark Host
    September 08 2011, 04:53PM

    Awesome! Been using it for a few weeks now. Nice to see a wiki page.

    @justin Social sign on is more for apps or services, not an ecommerce checkout. Not sure if I’ve seen any online stores use that feature. Perhaps, using it as a means of logging in might work. But I believe this was done well.

    @mark I think this customer account feature is purely for checkout, not as a way to log into the site for different pricing/options/etc. You could setup coupons for your wholesale customer using their name. That way you could have some ability to see their behavior. Though with a large customer base that would be impractical.

    This is a great feature. Simple implementation at first. I’ve been using Shopify for years now and they do a great job at adding features. They start simple and get it right, maybe with a few tweaks but without the bloat and confusion of other hosted solutions.

  • @Shopify Jonathan Rudenberg
    Jonathan Rudenberg
    September 08 2011, 05:00PM

    @Mark: Not currently.

    @diego: I’m not sure what you mean?

    @phillipe: You can translate it by editing the checkout translation in the admin, talk to a Guru if you need help.

    @Ben: Users can set a password on the order confirmation page, which will create their account. You can render a link to the login page with {{ ‘Account Login’ | customer_login_link }}

  • Samantha
    September 08 2011, 08:24PM

    YES!! This is awesome!! Does this mean we can do gift certificates through Shopify now instead of just gift coupons??

  • Elliot
    September 09 2011, 12:33AM

    Absolutely thrilling.

    Can’t wait to play with it!

  • eve
    September 09 2011, 04:59AM

    I installed it on my shop but i think i have a template problem…the page looks different…What should I do?

  • Sci
    September 09 2011, 05:07AM

    Nice work.

    I want you to give us resister capability for customers so they can join the site before having to purchase. This is a very small and overdue feature.

    We expect you guys and girls to really start giving us more bang for our buck conisdering your costs.

    Lets go…

  • VOL25
    September 09 2011, 11:44AM

    LOVE this! Thanks. I personally think Shopify is a GREAT value, and appreciate all the extras that you’ve been adding. Features you didnt have when I signed up! ;)

  • @Shopify Jonathan Rudenberg
    Jonathan Rudenberg
    September 09 2011, 02:38PM

    @Samantha: Currently this is not possible.

    @eve: Please contact for help.@

    @Sci: Can you explain what you’d use this for?

  • Jatin
    September 09 2011, 05:11PM

    Jonathan, in reply to your comment to Sci, when he is stating is that a customer should be able to create his/her own login before ordering as opposed to the merchant creating a login for the user.

    Does that make sense? Do you know when that “register” facility will be available?

  • zoothreads
    September 09 2011, 05:33PM

    Help me understand why this feature is important.

  • Boris
    September 09 2011, 05:48PM

    Is there going to be a mechanism for rewarding returning customers via automatic discounts on your products? e.g. 5% or 10% for platinum customers?

  • Chris Benjamin
    Chris Benjamin
    September 09 2011, 09:45PM

    Shopify continues to amaze. I still think Shopify is nothing short of magic and BBMShirts.con will surely benefit from this new feature. Thanks again Shopify.

  • Michael
    September 10 2011, 01:23PM

    this is useless. When will a customer be able to create their own account etc. Why would I make an account for someone? sometimes you guys just miss the boat…

  • Carly
    September 10 2011, 09:35PM

    I really am excited about this addition to our business, but I don’t like the login link placement. It is crowed and barely noticeable.

    I have tried to fix it, but nothing I do changes the placement. Does anyone know how I can fix it? You can see it here…


  • Derek
    September 11 2011, 02:09PM

    I had no problem setting it up. Since it’s in the top left corner of my homepage, it got a lot of clicks out of curiosity by visitors.

    I started playing around with what to call it.

    The word Log In got the most clicks but some visitors might get turned off by this and leave.

    Then I tried “Optional Log In” and still noticed it was getting clicked a good number of times.

    I think what works best is “Returning Customer Log In.” It’s clearer and avoids any confusion that you need to log in to make a purchase.

  • Ann Wooledge
    Ann Wooledge
    September 12 2011, 09:41PM

    This is awesome. You guys just keep getting better and better. Well, except your customer service has taken a tailspin. Sorry, just had to say it. I love all the new things you’ve added though and will continue to recommend you to all my Facebook and Twitter friends.

  • Eric
    September 14 2011, 07:08PM

    I’m really glad shopify added customer accounts. With respect to what Jatin said when will a user be able to create an account without purchasing an order first??

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    September 16 2011, 09:30AM

    @zoothreads: The feature helps customers because it expedites repeat purchases.

    @Michael: A customer can create their own account. The “sign in required” option is optional. Check out for all the details.

    Ann Wooledge: Shoot me an e-mail, with any customer service problems you have. Ordinarily we get rave reviews, so I’d be more than pleased to get to the bottom of your issue.

    Eric: E-commerce research shows the likeliness of someone creating a customer account without purchasing something first is very slim, so that specific feature isn't a priority for us right now, but thank you for your suggestion! Feel free to shoot me an e-mail,, if you have a growing need for this function and we can discuss further. Cheers!

  • Jeff Lin
    Jeff Lin
    September 26 2011, 10:30AM

    This is a good day in the World.

  • Brie
    September 26 2011, 10:41AM

    Looks great.

    What is the ETA on recurring payments / subscriptions now that this is in place?

  • Todd
    September 26 2011, 12:10PM

    Any plans for adding “add to wish list” now that users have accounts?

  • Matthew Lane
    Matthew Lane
    September 26 2011, 12:39PM

    Can this be used like a billing system for clients paying for services/invoices?

  • Tim Gossett
    Tim Gossett
    September 26 2011, 01:26PM

    Awesome! I manage two Shopify stores, and we’ll use this feature on both.

    Is there a centralized place for feature requests? I have a few, and just posting them in the comments probably doesn’t make it easy for you.

  • Ron
    September 26 2011, 01:46PM

    Like Justin, I too would like to see a social sign-in facility here. It’s helpful to give customers these new capabilities and ways to manage their activities on each storefront, but this entails that the customer create yet another online account with yet another email address and password that they may not have the capacity to manage easily. By leveraging existing single sign-on facilities like Facebook Connect, Sign in with Twitter and/or OpenID, this issue is largely negated.

  • pejot
    September 27 2011, 10:47AM

    I really don’t get it.
    When I am a customer I want to create my account BEFORE I place any order!
    I’m the only crazy here?

  • pejot
    September 27 2011, 10:50AM

    I really don’t get it.
    When I am a customer I want to create my account BEFORE I place any order!
    I’m the only crazy here?

  • Emma McCreary
    Emma McCreary
    October 03 2011, 05:28AM

    Customer registrations before ordering would provide a lot more flexibility to store owners. With all the plugins, people can use their site for more than just e-commerce. Some applications for logging in would be: create a shopping list or wishlist before you buy, modify email/newsletter preferences, create a registry, submit pictures of yourself using the product (that you may have already bought elsewhere), ask a question or join a forum, download free extras or see special products that require registration, like wholesale products…there are endless possibilities. Adding this flexibility will allow for innovation and creativity, especially with plugins. Free this feature from its limited scope and let people run with it.

  • Mike
    December 03 2011, 03:56PM

    Hi, any word on when the registration before checkout will be available to us?

  • Valerie
    January 08 2012, 05:39PM

    Agreed, any timeline on customer registration before? We have a membership only storefront and requires registration prior to.

  • graves
    February 10 2012, 11:08AM

    @ Mark Hayes
    RE: “E-commerce research shows the likeliness of someone creating a customer account without purchasing something first is very slim”…
    If the user doesn’t want to up front they dont have to. Doesnt mean the choice should be removed entirely, especially considering there are numerous upsides/benefits (see Emma’s post above). It’s good you have customer accounts, but your implementation sucks and neuters some real benefits.

  • Kelly
    February 11 2012, 11:44AM

    I agree with all of the comments above. It is frustrating to not be able to create an account before. Allowing people to create a wishlist or favorite items would be a huge benefit for a lot of stores.

  • Patti
    February 21 2012, 08:10PM

    I agree. Customers should be able to create an account first. I have had to put notes on the login pages to explain to new customers that they have to go through the checkout process before creating an account.

  • Raul Riera
    Raul Riera
    February 28 2012, 04:04PM

    I do believe customer should be able to register first… this as mentioned before could extend shopify stores into things MUCH bigger… whole web applications could be built on top of shopify (hey, even a social network) that ALSO has a shopping cart

  • G Bollmann
    G Bollmann
    April 08 2012, 06:35AM

    Customer Accounts self-sign up, pre-purchase is a necessary first step in qualifying someone for wholesale price access.

  • G Bollmann
    G Bollmann
    April 08 2012, 06:39AM

    AT LEAST, provide a direct way for a customer to request access for Sign-In-To-Purchase. At this moment, they will probably be puzzled as to how to gain access. What email, blah blah…

  • Les
    April 16 2012, 10:20AM

    Not being able to register a customer before their purchase – for multiple reasons including showing discounts & various offers – makes Shopify a no-go for the store I’m building right now.

    It’d be great if you could just expose the ‘create password’ functionality from the thank you page.

    It’s a shame that you’ve not replied to the various customers requesting this feature on here and your support wiki over the past 6 months. A missed opportunity?

  • Sam
    May 30 2012, 10:31PM

    I’d love the ability to attach a file to the customer and/or order page. Because of the lack of this single feature, I’m considering paying an additional $29 a month for a CRM package. Can’t imagine this would be too hard…

  • Herman
    July 11 2012, 06:41PM

    I’m new to Shopify and messing around with my trial shop, it’s really great to be able to use all these features. But I don’t get why the store owner does not get the option to either have users sign up before having to buy something or to do it like Shopify suggests. I believe for Shopify to really be perfect and appeal to all store owners it would NEED to integrate this feature, everything should always be up to the store owner to enable or disable. Shopify could enable the ‘’register only after purchase’’ from the start, but at least give the store owner the option to change this option in the Store Admin, just like we’re able to choose between giving a visitor to either log in or pay as a guest. I really don’t understand the logic behind not enabling this option for store owners.

  • Jacqueline
    September 27 2012, 02:35AM

    Hello…I have followed the instructions on the wiki on setting up customer accounts on the frontpage and I still cannot get it to work. Is there something missing? Would appreciate some advice. Thank you.

  • yann
    November 05 2012, 10:30PM

    I really wish for fb sign in to create user account.
    It’s easier to get registration from user with fb sign in as it’s just a simple login and they wont think much about it, and easier for shop owner to blast their edm or promotion.

  • Callum
    November 12 2012, 04:36AM

    I want to agree with two main points raised in previous comments:

    > social sign in (or at least when setting up an account ’use info from Gmail / Facebook etc) would be nice.

    > create an account before purchase is something my bosses want to see in our ecommerce site. it does make sense if creating accounts / online customer base is a concern.

    - Callum

    December 22 2012, 04:05PM

    Nice feature!

  • La Cilla
    La Cilla
    May 21 2014, 04:53AM

    I love this feature for our new website!

  • Ah unfake
    Ah unfake
    June 04 2014, 09:57PM

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    July 04 2014, 10:37PM

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  • Azenith R.
    Azenith R.
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  • DN
    October 15 2014, 09:24AM

    La Cilla,

    What app are you using to publish the social login registration for your site?

    thanks for the help

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  • IkoChic
    March 04 2016, 09:28AM

    Please add on the feature so that customers can have the option of deleting their accounts. That would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,

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