5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Online Store

5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Online Store

**This is a guest post by Ben from ThemesThat**


5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Online Store

1. Use Bigger Pictures, and Use Good Quality Product Images

When I search the web to find a new gadget, I like nothing more than big, high quality photos of the item I’m buying. The more photos and angles the better… don’t just use stock photos, ask your customers to send in pictures of your product being used and add these. It will help prospective and new customers visualize the product in their room, pocket, and life.

2. Don’t Have Lengthy Pages

One thing I really dislike is having to scroll to find information when I visit a shop online. If I have to scroll more than half a page, I’m going to hit the back button and I’m searching Google again! Don’t have more information than you need, and keep it simple.

3. Show Your P&P Information

Showing how much you charge for shipping upfront will put your customers mind at rest that there are no extra charges looming in the checkout. If you don’t show this information, its going to be playing on the mind of the shopper and they may just bale out, so make sure you make it easy to find or have it in the banner “all items shipped for $10”.

4. Show Customers They Can Trust You

Showing customers your registered business address and telephone number will help you sell more. Don’t worry, they wont write or call... but just seeing that information lets them know they can contact you if they ever need to. 

5. Use a Simple Layout

When it comes to buying anything online, simplicity is key. It needs to be easier than jumping in the car or picking up the phone and listening to bad music before you get to an actual person (something we all hate). Make sure your online store isn't complicated and make it easy for people to find what they want and buy it. 
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  • Daniel
    August 25 2011, 11:34AM

    Nice design tips.

    SEO is also important so your shop can be discovered and understood by Google/Bing. Lots of stores have found my app, Plug in SEO, useful for this.

    Free, in the app store now.

  • Emma
    August 25 2011, 03:55PM

    Love these quick tips Shopify, keep em coming!

  • Rick
    August 26 2011, 05:53AM

    I do not own any online store but in future I am sure, so i will take all these things when i start planning to build an e-commerce store.

  • Ziyaad
    August 28 2011, 04:29AM

    Most popular/common FAQ’s are good too.

  • Melvin Rajiv
    Melvin Rajiv
    August 07 2013, 05:05AM

    You’ve shared this simple steps really easy to me. I was looking for similar post. Thanks for share

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