Ecommerce Marketing: The Big Picture – Part 1

Today instead of diving head first into another new, advanced, and complex marketing strategy, which these days tend to turn up more frequently than they used to, we’re going to try and take a step backwards to look at the bigger picture of basic ecommerce marketing and its latest tools. This is a good way for old timers to brush up on some of the basic strategies that they’ve forgotten about, while also getting the new-comers familiarized with some of the basic marketing jargon.

The first thing to look at is obviously the answer to the big question: “how to get customers to come to your store?”. In the same way that big shopping centres always have good location and large parking lots, online retailers need to have a good Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) strategy, improving both the quantity and quality of traffic to the store. One thing about SEO is that it’s one of the fastest evolving areas in ecommerce and a good strategy doesn`t stay good forever by itself.

Using sitemaps, keywords and advertising tools like AdWords are the basics for SEOs, but a recent article from Visibility , a search engine dedicated magazine, emphasizes the importance and benefits of Viral Marketing over keyword rankings. Still, don’t miss out on Google’s new search-based keyword tool . Take a look at this article for a review. This new gadget can help you get better results in more ways than you might think, whether you use AdWords or you’re just looking for improved keywords.

The next best thing to consider for bringing more buyers to the store might be Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) like and PriceGrabber . The functionality of CSEs still being search based, the thing making them different from search engines is that they require a specific product price, title, description, image and action URLs from you to link back to your store. This means they don`t rely on web crawlers and their complications to find your pages. Most CSEs use a Pay-Per-Click ( PPC ) policy for their services and retailers can change the rate of their PPC in exchange for increased visibility.

To make the best of using CSEs and also other PPC services like AdWords, the most important thing to take into account is improving your Conversion Rate . That means getting more of those people that come to your store via these paid services to actually buy something. Read a more detailed discussion about the importance of conversion rates for PPC services.

Where to go from here? In the next post we`ll look at improving conversion rates, value proposition and LPOs.

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