Asset Management

Asset Management

Did you ever want to insert an Image on one of your blog posts or add a PDF with a feature overview to a product but you just could not figure out where to upload such files?

This week we introduce some improvements to Shopify’s asset management:

Asset Management

New is the “Insert an image” link which you can find underneath every text area in Shopify.

Clicking it opens a new dialog:

The files you upload here are independent of your theme and will stay with you even if you decide to apply a completely new theme to your store.

You can get an overview of all your uploaded files under the new Assets tab.

The new Assets tab unifies the Uploaded files, the newly redesigned Theme Editor and the Theme Gallery.



  • Michael McNamee
    Michael McNamee
    October 30 2007, 06:55PM

    Hi Tobi,
    Could you please log onto my Admin and have a look in there for me. Not sure what is going on, but I cannot find my pages like theme.liquid, index.liquid etc. Not sure if there is a problem or not. Thank you, Mickmac
  • Damien Buckley
    Damien Buckley
    October 30 2007, 06:55PM

    This is a HUGE improvement we’ve been calling for for a while. Well done guys.

  • Sphere of Hip-Hop
    Sphere of Hip-Hop
    October 30 2007, 06:55PM

    Great feature! I noticed the other day. Thanks for continuing to improve Shopify!

  • Sean Meredith
    Sean Meredith
    October 30 2007, 06:55PM

    This is good, but I’m not happy with the storage space alotted for my account. I can have 2000 sku’s, but a pittiance of images to go with them. Then pay $60/yr for 40MB of additional image storage?

  • Yolande
    October 30 2007, 06:55PM

    I am very happy with this. Thanks a lot.

  • Richard Quick
    Richard Quick
    October 30 2007, 06:55PM

    Shopify just gets better and better!

  • Pedro Barata
    Pedro Barata
    October 30 2007, 06:55PM

    This is a great feature!

    When we can have different languages (English, French, German, etc) in our stores?

    Keep going with good work!

  • Scraps
    October 30 2007, 06:55PM

    I’m sooo happy with this idea, I can’t wait to try it. Any progress on the digital goods aspect?

  • Dominic
    October 30 2007, 06:55PM

    This is a great step. I’m curious if you have plans to put a WYSIWYG text editor in the page/blog admin control panel (rather than textile).

    (I posted this Q in the forum)


  • Steve
    November 06 2014, 01:42PM

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    software for asset management
    January 27 2017, 03:19AM

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  • Robert Pattinson
    Robert Pattinson
    April 03 2017, 09:08AM

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