small vs. big...

small vs. big...


small vs. big...


Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting at an event put on by the Ottawa eBusiness Cluster (EBC) and Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI).

Overall it was quite interesting because the organizers teamed me up with Rick Anderson, the CEO of (Canada’s largest by mail based dvd rental service) and labelled the night “e-Business Davids versus Goliaths”. I could only assume I was meant to be the “David”.

In any case, I spoke about the benefits and advantages that small companies have over larger ones and discussed the various tools jP has used to compete with larger companies in our space. In the end, my presentation was really well received and people had lots of questions.



  • Rick
    October 23 2006, 11:34AM

    Nice work. I’m curious what kinds of questions people asked following the presentations (assuming Rick gave a presentation as well).

  • Kevin Driedger
    Kevin Driedger
    October 23 2006, 11:34AM

    It would be nice to see the presentation… What do you think about posting it online, Scott?

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