Dropshipping 101

No product? No problem. Find a product and sell online without ever worrying about inventory or shipping.

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Run a business from the backyard

Finding the right product to sell can be a challenge. When you do find a product, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on products you’re not sure are going to sell. Instead, you need a low-cost way to test the market and learn if people love your product. Dropshipping lets you do just that.

Dropshipping is a business model that lets you sell products without holding any inventory or purchasing large quantities of product up-front. When your customer makes an order, you connect with your supplier and have the product shipped directly from factory to customer. While your product supply partner manages packaging and shipping, you drive traffic, get sales and manage customer relationships.

In this course, you’ll learn how to find a product to sell, how to connect with a supplier, and how to build your own dropshipping business.

Find a Product to Sell

Learn how to source great products and vet domestic and international suppliers.

Identify Your Audience

See how to target a specific group of people who might be interested in purchasing your product.

Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

Develop a plan for supporting customers and turning them into brand advocates.

Dropshipping Growth Framework

Learn how to identify your most profitable sales channels and reinvest your earnings to grow your business.

Meet your instructor

Corey Ferreira

Serial entrepreneur and Shopify education expert Corey Ferreira shares his experience taking his side-hustle to a 6-figure business, all while holding down a full-time job at Shopify. You’ll gain the unique perspective of a Shopify employee and successful entrepreneur.

In this course, Corey takes the guesswork out of starting your own dropshipping business. Sharing his mistakes and biggest challenges, Corey helps you navigate around the common pitfalls other dropshipping businesses often run into. He also shares the the steps he took that put him on the fast track to dropshipping success.

Course outline

Dropshipping is a powerful business model that offers a low-investment way to find a product, test the market, and grow your business.

While there’s no silver bullet in ecommerce, this course offers a tried and true framework built on countless hours of experience, success, and failure.



Learn how the dropshipping business model works.

Begin module one


Identifying Your Niche

Identify the target market or niche you want to build a business in.

Begin module two


How to Start on Shopify

Get a quick introduction to Shopify so you can create your own store.

Begin module three


Finding a Product to Sell and Supplier

Learn how to test a product with an audience to see if people will buy it.

Begin module four


Finding a Product - Oberlo 101

Find a product using the Oberlo sourcing app.

Begin module five


Finding a Product - Directories, Wholesalers and Google

Find a product through directories, wholesale and Google searches.

Begin module six


Getting Your First Sale

Learn a few strategies for getting that first sale.

Begin module seven

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“Starting with zero background in e-commerce, we’ve been able to start from scratch with Shopify, and build a profitable business that we’re proud of.”

Nate Justiss and Lindsay Windham, Shopify Success Story, distilunion.com

Frequently asked questions

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model where orders are fulfilled by the product manufacturer and sent directly to the customer. The store owner finds a product supplier, markets and sells the product, and then sends the order to the manufacturer. This model cuts down on retail costs and allows the merchant to sell products without having to purchase them in bulk upfront or handle inventory.

Who is this course for?

This course is best suited for ambitious entrepreneurs who don’t yet have a product to sell. You’ll learn where to find the top trending products and how to connect with reliable suppliers.

Why dropship?

Dropshipping is a great option for starting a business with limited money. You’re able to test a product in a specific market to see if people want it. Unlike other business models where you need to pay up front for inventory, dropshipping allows for flexibility during those early days.

Is there homework?

Yes. You’re expected to follow along with your own Shopify account and use the worksheets and templates the instructors provide. These are all designed to ensure you’re maximizing your founder education.

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